Runa Klock is a versatile designer and doesn’t stick to just products and objects. She also designs events, food and spaces, as well as organizes and participates in various inter-disciplinary projects and workshops. She loves playful designs, but also the Scandinavian aesthetic of simplicity and functionality.

Born and raised on the rugged west coast of Norway, Runa credits her upbringing for developing her strong interest for materials and crafts, and inspiration for and from nature. Traveling has nurtured a fascination for international social culture.

Runa´s studio is located in Oslo and she earned her Master of design at the Oslo University of the Arts, Norway. Her work has been on display at a number of the major international furniture fairs and shows.
(+47) 95887414


Runa Klock Design
Ye olde happy Pony Studio
Hasleveien 5
0179 Oslo, Norway