I designerens mage

My White menu was a comment to the winter, the lack of snow and climate changes. But told with a smile and humor! I also found it interesting to remove the colors from the meal; only using white ingredients challenged me to use temperature, texture and flavours to complete the experience. The menu Starters : Jerusalem artichoke and celery soup, with both "polar bear" croutons and salt-meringue "icebergs" (and black capelin roe)  The main course was a play with temperatures:  Hot, poached cod with warm cauliflower puree, grilled oyster mushrooms, and an icy, frozen apple / fennel salad. In addition to the fishsauce-jelly and truffle foam. and salt Boiled potatoes .. Then a Norwegian white cheese (can not remember the name right now!) To be dipped in melted white chocolate, honey or fig marmalade. A kind of chocolate fondue with cheese ... Sweet and salty! For dessert, a wonderful Snowman with a body of apple sorbet and lime and rosemary sorbet and pickled orange peel nose, standing on sweet crumble.