"Mountains" collection, a set of chopping boards in familiar and simplified shapes, made of solid ash, creating a mountain landscape and a horizon, when not in use and stored together.

"Mountains" is part of the TIVD exhibition involving 20 designers and friends from around the world, taking inspiration from their local culture, nature and heritage to create new objects. I hope to see you at: VENTURA LAMBRATE 2014 Via dei Canzi 19 VENTURA TEAM UP → B2 TIVD – THIS IS VERY DANGEROUS Tuesday 8 April – Saturday 12 April: 10:00 – 20:00

Figgjo Sans at 100% Norway, Dray Walk Gallery, London Design Festival 19 – 22 September.

100% Norway brings the best of Norwegian furniture and product design to London Design Festival 2013! Amongst them Figgjo Sans, designed by Runa Klock and Marte Frøystad, that enhances the perception and flavors of food through a particular focus on the senses. Three similar but distinct shapes meet the tongue in different ways and intensifies the taste - sour, sweet or neutral. The soft and appealing shapes makes Figgjo Sans versatile and interesting products, as they give new and unexpected ways of serving, sensing and eating food.

On Time  June 20th - August 25th   DogA, Oslo   / September 9th - 15th Now! Le Off", Paris Design Week

Peddig Bowls A bowl inspired by a moment in time - 14:12, to be exact - Peddigbowl refers to the past, to the first type of furniture produced in the Sunnmøre region of Norway where the designer Runa grew up, updated with a ribbon of color. The combination of the materials is well balanced, with the heavy feel of the pine elegantly contrasting the lightness of the rattan. The bowl looks beautiful displayed on the table with fruit or vegetables.   - Part of the OnTime exhibition by Klubben, the Norwegian Designers Union, where each participant was given a time to design to.  


Sunset is a simple, yet narrative product. Inspired by my Grandparents old, beautiful hallway furniture, it tells the story of the numerous evenings we had together putting out the fish net, talking and laughing together under the sinking sun. Sunset has a strong graphic expression, it is made of solid oak and has a bronze colored mirror. Useful for the quick glance and for keeping the small things you need on the way out.

TIVD 2012

TIVD presents its second exhibition, all dedicated to our own grandparents this year.

14 DESIGNERS from all over the world, went back to their own history, creating products based on their own grandparents, their personalities and our memories about them.

The results you can see at our showroom at Via Massimiano 23, Ventura Lambrate. (The beautiful garages with the courtyard)

Open every day of the fair from 10°° to 20°°
Evening opening: Wednesday 10th of April, 20°°- 22°°


Adrián Froufe - Spain
Alberto Mora - Italy
Angelica Katrina Eriksson - Brazil/Sweden
Anna Fabrizi - Italy
Constantinos Economides - Cyprus
Elodie Gobin - France
Eugenia Sivilotti - Italy
Helga Jósepsdóttir - Iceland
Jacopo Sarzi - Italy
Paula Sevilla - Spain
Ray Xiaowan Wang - China
Runa Klock - Norway
Sergio Mendoza - Spain
Vitor de Castro Lopes - Portugal

Luca Salas >>> Exhibition
Adrián Froufe, Alberto Mora & Vitor de Castro Lopes >>> Communication
Helga Jósepsdóttir >>> Management


Bottle is nominated to this years "Enjoy food chair" design competition! Smak 2014 wishes to highlight Interiors & Design as a theme at the show and display innovative products of high quality and inspire new thinking around the guests overall…


07.11.-23.11.2013, INTERCEPTION, EXHIBITION. Relational Aesthetics. 24 Norwegian and Turkish artists and designers exhibiting at DogA . The ROCKS are made of carved soapstone and chill your drink without diluting it. The basic geometric shapes brings…